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15 Hill Stations for Perfect Summer Retreat around Bengaluru

15 Hill Stations for Perfect Summer Retreat around Bengaluru

Tired of the Bengaluru’s traffic? Want to run away? How about getting away from the stress of traffic and the summer heat?

Mountain’s have always given an answer, when in mountains nature works mysteriously, can give you answers to everything and can take away all your stress.

Here are 15 places, where you can cheat on traffic, beat the heat and relax :

1. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills Chikkaballapur

This popular hill station is on the brink of Bangalore and has a lot to offer. The hill station is very popular and it carries the charm of Bangalore’s weather to this very day.

The hillock is also known as Nandi Betta. (Betta in Kannada means a hill). It is situated approximately 60 kms away from the city and just a few kms away from the Bengaluru’s International Airport near Devanahalli. It falls under Chikkaballapur district,there are various ways in which you can explore this venue and we’ve got it sorted out for a perfect short trip!

If you are a late nighter and love night outs, this is the perfect avenue. You can ride down on your bikes or drive down by a car. There are many small shops on the way, which serve you food and beverages all night. Other than that you have a couple of cafe’s on the way where you can chill for all the time you want, sip on coffees and munch on quick bites. If you are a smoker, you can enjoy the sheesha too! The cafe’s are usually bustling on weekends and are lively. You can spend quality time here as the gates to the hills open around 6 in the morning.

If you are a fitness freak and cycling is your cup of tea. This place not only offers good roads to cycle all the way up to the hill. But, you can take a few detours and check out the trails around the place.

If you like bird watching, it has many species of birds and a few raptors which can be easily spotted in the hills. Walking and strolling around, post sunrise is safe and enjoyable.

You can look at the sunrise in morning, enjoy a cup of tea and spend a few hours. Visit the temple, bask in a little sun while embracing strong winds in the season and on the way back you could stop to buy some freshly harvested grapes! If you are a wine enthusiast, you could go to a wine tour too!

After all this while, you can stop at many restaurants which are right on the edge of the highway either piping hot parathas or hot steaming idlis.

2. Avalabetta


This is another short getaway and also lies under the district of Chikballapur. It’s farther ahead and around 90 kms away from city of Bangalore. An offbeat place where you can find peace and solitude, located just a few hours away from the city. This is a hidden gem, with a little pond on the top of the hill and amazing views, you can catch some amazing sunrise here. Post which you can head over to the Gudibanda and explore the fort. The route (until the point where you would take left for Nandi hills) is same and hence all the hotels on the highway are accessible. If you have extra time to spare at night please head towards Nandi hills and spend your time and pack some food as well. The options post the Nandi hill’s turn are nonexistent.

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3. Antara Gange

Antara Gange

If you like adventures and would want to explore caves then Antara Gange is the perfect spot around Bangalore. It’s about 70kms away from Bangalore. The name when translated from Kannada (Karnataka’s native language) literally means ‘Ganges of the deep’ and there is a huge formation of rocks around the area. The rock formations and the terrain of the area is known to be the pre historic volcanic path. This is Kashi of the South. One can opt to take the trek route through the boulders and the trek is around 7 kms! It is advisable to take a local guide through the boulders, the route gets tricky and caution has to be exercised. There are also wild animals prevailing in the surroundings and its best advised to take a local guide to show you around. Consider reaching Antara Gange early in the morning to start the hike, when the temperatures are relatively lower. Have a safe trek and make sure you pack food from Kolar town where you have tons of options.


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